Agricultural Services

Rotary Hoeing, Compost Spreading, Spraying and more

Rotary Hoeing

We usually use this attachment on Market gardens, ploughing the end of season fruit and vegetable produce into the ground, mostly because we know that the ground condition is clean from rocks, tree stumps and roots.

As contractors we have used the rotary hoe to plough compost and fertilisers into the ground for new ovals on schools and golf courses.


Within the photos, this cherry tomato crop has finished. The owners have removed the wood stakes, wire and string. This allowing the plants to fall to the ground. So, this is where we begin our work, the mulchers mulch up the leftover plants, branches, and weeds into finer particles. Allowing either us or the owners to Rotary Hoe the Mulch into the ground and to minimise the amount of times you are required to Rotary Hoe, so to leave the ground ready to plant again.

Our Mulchers are cleaned and washed down after each use to stop the spread of diseases. This is an extra cost.

Fertiliser, Lime, Gypsum, Compost & Manure Spreading

In the photos you will see our Wheel Loader lifting two, one-ton bags of palletised manure up into the hopper of our Marshal Spreader. Then the tractor driver will cut the underneath of the bags to allow the product to fall out into the hopper. Once the hopper is full, we spread the product over the market garden.

Deep Ploughing

These photos are of a Horse training track, here we are using a single Mould Board. Deep ploughing the soil, which is mixing the soil with clay.

Usually we use this attachment on Market Gardens when the soil has been used for many years. This will turn the soil over and bring new soil from below, up on top of the surface, ready for future gardening.


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Hire of Equipment

Hiring of our attachments is an option that we are supplying, depending on what your experience is on operating the required machinery or attachments. Find out more about our Hire Equipment.