Land Clearing, Firebreaks & Slashing

Wanneroo Slashing Contractors offer a range of land clearing, firebreak and slashing services including new firebreaks, maintaining existing firebreaks, slashing, brush cutting, tree lopping, removal of flammable materials to meet your Shire requirements and ensure your property is safe during the fire season, and able to be accessed by emergency services should the need arise. We also offer disc ploughing, mulching, ATV spraying and have a fire unit with a capacity of 1100 Litres.

Wheel Loader with Rake Bucket Attachment

With the Wheel Loader with the Rake bucket attachment we are able to install new firebreaks by pushing over small trees, grass and shrubs with a minimum amount of dirt disturbance or widening up by width and height on existing firebreaks that have become over grown. We even use this plant and equipment on rocky areas, that usually do damage to our ploughs.


Wanneroo Slashing contractors are equipped to do Firebreaks, with our fleet of Trucks and Tractors with attachments. Most properties are completed with a Disc Plough attachment which chops up the vegetation and then turns the soil around, leaving a clean ploughed in section on top, then giving access to the Fire Brigade around your property boundaries.

Slashing is another alternative of doing firebreaks but what is required is mowing of the entire block. Depending on the shire location that you fall under, sometimes Brush Cutting, Tree Lopping and the removal of flammable material is required.

Wanneroo slashing contractors can fulfill all these services, at all locations North and South of the river on Residential, Broad hectares, Commercial and Agriculture properties.


Wanneroo Slashing Contractors are equipped with two 1.8-meter Extra Heavy-Duty Slashers, capable of mowing all kinds of vegetation on Commercial and Residential properties. Slashing can be used as an alternative to Disc Ploughing of firebreaks especially for new sub-divisions due to the presentation and the dust suppression control.

Wanneroo Slashing Contractors also slash Broad Hectare properties, which is important due to the large amount of fuel, for fires, which should be kept to a minimum, and for the Agricultural sector, slashing is used for mulching purposes, all services that we provide efficiently and professionally.

Disc Ploughing

Disc Ploughing is used to plough the grass into the soil. Depending on how much grass and how thick it is, most times a two pass over is done but sometime more will be required. This way the more the passes the more the grass gets chopped up and substantially buried. This way, it should allow for the one service to last during the Firebreak Season.


Mulching of grass or bushes is another form of slashing, but mulching does not leave rows of the left-over product that has been cut. The mulchers will mulch up the product being cut and in return, break down a lot quicker and disperse into the soil. With this option, there will be less of a chance the leftover product becoming a fire hazard.

ATV Spraying

Spraying of firebreaks with our ATV is also a service we do supply for those properties that are rocky. This is a very cost effective way of doing the firebreak which saves time and money. It also avoids any rock damage to the machinery attachments.

Fire Unit

Our Fire Unit has a 1100 Litre capacity of water, usually required when new or old clients require us to do slashing or mulching after the firebreak installation date of your local shire (normally during the hottest days of the year when the grass is completely dead and can easily catch on fire).

About Us

Wanneroo Slashing was established prior to 1992 by Bernard Dell’Era, whom sadly past away in 2007. Then his wife Lina Dell’era and sons Geoffrey & Gregory Dell’era took over the business until the year 2017. Where now Gregory Dell’era has taken the business on by himself.

To this day we still have many clients that thank us every year for looking after there property Firebreaks which they said that Wanneroo Slashing Contractors have been looking after there property for over 30 years.